Photographing Frozen Flowers

During my first year of University I was given a project surrounding the subject of matter and I decided to freeze flowers in water and photograph them to create a unique set of photographs.

The set up for this photoshoot wasn’t as complicated as you might think, some of the best photographs from the set were from the test shoot, thats how easy it is. All you need is a professional camera, day light, a white background, flowers and… water.



Obviously to get started on this project I had to freeze some flowers first and believe it or not there is actually a process to make this easier, easier I know…
lay down your flowers of choice and add a thin layer of water to the container just enough to cover part of the flower but not enough to make it float. Then just wait for them too freeze before adding another thin layer of water repeating the process until the flowers are completely covered and frozen.

Then the fun begins…

Once you’ve got your fabulous frozen floral arrangements you need to set up your camera, now the settings will most likely differ depending on how bright it is that day and if you’re using a flash. But on the day I did this photoshoot it was actually sunny in England for once, I know shock! I had my aperture on 5.6 and my IOS on 200 however like I said this changed every time the brightness changed.
Once you’ve set your setting lay down your white background, you can even use plain white paper if you don’t have anything else, and then you are good to go.
Change your angles up and use lots of different compositions to create a set of unique and interesting images.
I had heaps of fun doing this shoot as it was something different and the final outcome was beautiful.flowers9flowers 8flowrs 9flowers 4flowers 5

If you try this I would love to see the outcome!
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p.s. all images are my own and are copyrighted.

ciao for now    xo