moving out, starting a new chapter and becoming an adult…

There comes that point in life when you need to fly the nest and leave all the home comforts behind. During my first year of University I stayed living at home with my family and for 19 years of my life I was surrounded by my family 24/7. However earlier this year I decided it was time to start to start a new chapter in my life. We started looking around for a nice little abode which offered a lot of potential for creativity and personality and to be honest I think we found it.

Although I didn’t really move far as I am still living in the Manchester area, being away from my family is a very strange thing for me. For 19 years of my life I have been surrounded by my parents and siblings and to be honest the quietness is strange (not that i’m missing the constant bickering and random out burst of song from my brothers) but I suppose its something I’ll get used too over time.

Now can we just take a minuet to appreciate everything parents do for us! All this having to fend for yourself malarky is really some form of sick joke but I mean it’ll get easier eventually, I hope!

One thing I was really excited for was to decorate my room, being limited to what I could change as it is a student rental property we can’t actually do any drastic changes like paint the walls or hang furniture but this didn’t stop me wanting to make the room my own. We were really lucky that the room came furnished and already had a bed a wardrobe and a desk all black, the walls are white but there is a chimney breast with a somewhat controversial with a red and cream stripped pattern running along. I didn’t let this stop me from putting the colours I wished into my room as I plan to pin up a tapestry to hide this. majority of the items I bought were from either Primark and Ikea as they both have amazing and affordable home decor!.
Although not quite to the finished standard I want my room to be too feel comforting and homely I’m happy with how it is at the moment!

p.s all images are my own.

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Photographing Frozen Flowers

During my first year of University I was given a project surrounding the subject of matter and I decided to freeze flowers in water and photograph them to create a unique set of photographs.

The set up for this photoshoot wasn’t as complicated as you might think, some of the best photographs from the set were from the test shoot, thats how easy it is. All you need is a professional camera, day light, a white background, flowers and… water.



Obviously to get started on this project I had to freeze some flowers first and believe it or not there is actually a process to make this easier, easier I know…
lay down your flowers of choice and add a thin layer of water to the container just enough to cover part of the flower but not enough to make it float. Then just wait for them too freeze before adding another thin layer of water repeating the process until the flowers are completely covered and frozen.

Then the fun begins…

Once you’ve got your fabulous frozen floral arrangements you need to set up your camera, now the settings will most likely differ depending on how bright it is that day and if you’re using a flash. But on the day I did this photoshoot it was actually sunny in England for once, I know shock! I had my aperture on 5.6 and my IOS on 200 however like I said this changed every time the brightness changed.
Once you’ve set your setting lay down your white background, you can even use plain white paper if you don’t have anything else, and then you are good to go.
Change your angles up and use lots of different compositions to create a set of unique and interesting images.
I had heaps of fun doing this shoot as it was something different and the final outcome was beautiful.flowers9flowers 8flowrs 9flowers 4flowers 5

If you try this I would love to see the outcome!
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A little about me…

Hello and welcome, now as I’m a newbie when it comes to this blogging thing I thought it best to allow you guys to get to know a little about me. In all honesty I’m just like any other 19 year old woman I’m studying, have a part time job, love spending time with my friends and I’m OBSESSED with dogs. I live in Manchester and have all of my life and I am currently studying photography at The University of Salford. I recently found out that  even with going out drinking with my friends on average 3 times a week i still suprisingly managed to pass my first year (woo) and now I am enjoying a well earned summer break. Photography has always been a hobby of mine even from a young age , it was always just something which intrigued me and the thought of being able to capture a moment in a single frame is mesmerising to me so I thought hey why not make a carer out of it which is exactly what I’m doing, I’m working towards getting a degree and a future carer in something which I have a true passion for.
Being at university has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and some life long friends alongside my amazing friends from back home. Friendship is a pretty big deal for me so I always make time to see my friends no matter how much life tries to get in the way sometimes. Having a close knit circle of family and friends in my opinion is a massive part of staying happy.
Now for the more mundane but essential facts about me (well… any person really). My favourite food is probably mashed potato, strange I know, my favourite colour is purple, my star sign is a scorpio and I am terrified of clowns!. Music is also a big interest of mine and I would like to think I have a pretty decent taste in music, anything from the Red hot Chilli peppers to Biffy Clyro count me in, also if you have any suggestions of who to listen to I am always looking for new music to add to my playlist.

I want to make this blog something I can be proud of and a platform where I can showcase and share my interests, work and general lifestyle moments. Fashion and seeing the world are two thing which I pay massive interest into and so I want to document these moments as they happen to share with you guys but also so I can look back and reminisce.

If you have any post ideas please don’t hesitate to suggest, just email me at I would love to here your ideas.

ciao for now xo
– lex