A little about me…

Hello and welcome, now as I’m a newbie when it comes to this blogging thing I thought it best to allow you guys to get to know a little about me. In all honesty I’m just like any other 19 year old woman I’m studying, have a part time job, love spending time with my friends and I’m OBSESSED with dogs. I live in Manchester and have all of my life and I am currently studying photography at The University of Salford. I recently found out that  even with going out drinking with my friends on average 3 times a week i still suprisingly managed to pass my first year (woo) and now I am enjoying a well earned summer break. Photography has always been a hobby of mine even from a young age , it was always just something which intrigued me and the thought of being able to capture a moment in a single frame is mesmerising to me so I thought hey why not make a carer out of it which is exactly what I’m doing, I’m working towards getting a degree and a future carer in something which I have a true passion for.
Being at university has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and some life long friends alongside my amazing friends from back home. Friendship is a pretty big deal for me so I always make time to see my friends no matter how much life tries to get in the way sometimes. Having a close knit circle of family and friends in my opinion is a massive part of staying happy.
Now for the more mundane but essential facts about me (well… any person really). My favourite food is probably mashed potato, strange I know, my favourite colour is purple, my star sign is a scorpio and I am terrified of clowns!. Music is also a big interest of mine and I would like to think I have a pretty decent taste in music, anything from the Red hot Chilli peppers to Biffy Clyro count me in, also if you have any suggestions of who to listen to I am always looking for new music to add to my playlist.

I want to make this blog something I can be proud of and a platform where I can showcase and share my interests, work and general lifestyle moments. Fashion and seeing the world are two thing which I pay massive interest into and so I want to document these moments as they happen to share with you guys but also so I can look back and reminisce.

If you have any post ideas please don’t hesitate to suggest, just email me at alexiajayde@outlook.com I would love to here your ideas.

ciao for now xo
– lex